Codes for PE Clothing 

Store Open Date Close Date
LCPE22E 7/6/22 7/19/22
LCPE22F 7/20/22 8/2/22
LCPE22G 8/3/22 8/16/22
LCPE22H 8/17/22 8/30/22
LCPE22I 8/31/22 9/13/22

Order via BSN Team Sports.

Clothes ship 2-3 weeks after close date to your home.



P.E. Clothing

All 7/8 students have P.E. class and are required to wear standard clothing.  The P.E. clothes are available for purchase through the LCHS supplier.   Students are required to have a lock for their P.E. locker.  Students who have ordered but have not received their P.E. clothing order by the time school starts are advised to inform the teacher that the items are on order and should bring plain black shorts and a gray t-shirt  (suitable for P.E. class) to school.   P.E. clothing from prior year is acceptable.

LCHS 7/8 PTA is not involved in the P.E. clothing program.  For questions, please contact Principal Gold at, or review information on the school website by clicking below.

P.E. Clothes Information