Stand Up 7/8

Stand Up 7/8 will take place the week of October 15-19!  Our seventh graders will once again use a block period on either Wednesday or Thursday of that week to work with the LCHS 9-12 Bridge (peer mentoring) students.  On Friday, October 19 the nationally recognized anti-bullying education team from The Ovation Company will be returning to LCHS.  The seventh graders will have an assembly with keynote speaker Geoff McLachlan while the eighth grade students will participate in a new full day asset building program with The Ovation Company CEO and Founder, Stu Cabe.

There will be a parent education evening at 6:30 on October 18, 2018 in the LCHS auditorium.  All adults in the district are welcome and encouraged to join us as we hear from Dr. Gold, Dr. Melissa Johnson from the Institute for Girls Development, and Geoff McLachlan from The Ovation Company.  Our counselors, Allison Dalbeck and Shannon Brascia will join our school resource officer, Deputy Matejka , to answer questions from parents.

Click HERE to watch Geoff McLachlan of The Ovation Company on stage at LCHS.

LCHS 7/8 PTA, in concert with the California State PTA position on character education, supports students, teachers and staff with a week long focus on responsibility, respect, integrity, compassion, understanding, honesty, justice, empathy, perseverance and courage called “Stand Up 7/8.”   Stand Up 7/8 includes motivational speakers, daily activities and ongoing discussion to facilitate character education at our school.